All Eyes on AI

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming a top area of interest among leadership teams, particularly with AI’s ability to strengthen and enhance customer experience, augment customer service, grow revenue and drive efficiency. In fact, 50% of businesses have adopted AI in at least one function, and 75% plan to continue current AI initiatives or invest in new ones over the next six to nine months.

But how do you determine where to start? How do you pinpoint the functions and initiatives that could be most amplified by an AI rollout? How do you ensure your organization — technically, culturally, strategically, etc. — is strongly positioned to maximize the efficiency of your AI initiative?

By being methodical and intentional with how you want to use AI to accelerate outcomes.

AI Accelerator Program Details

Our 6-week AI Accelerator Program helps you identify how to apply AI against a specific opportunity, assess data and technical ecosystem preparedness, and align your organization to ensure swift momentum.

Whether you’re clear on how you wish to leverage AI — introduce CX personalization and customization, tap predictive analytics, grow market share, etc. — or are ready to dip a toe but unsure where to start, our program walks you through a modular process that uncovers:

  • Business Case Prioritization: Identification and prioritization of top problems/opportunities you are trying to solve with AI
  • Data Ecosystem Assessment: Deep dive into your data quality, ground truth, governance, compliance and channels to support AI focus
  • Technical Ecosystem Assessment: Review of your systems, ease of implementation, security robustness and technical infrastructure as it relates to AI prioritization
  • Organizational Alignment: Creation of AI operational plan that aligns your business and technical teams around AI execution and roadmap

Together, we help you gain clear understanding of where AI can add immediate value and build an implementation strategy to drive fast momentum.

The Approach

Many AI initiatives come up short because of lack of focus, organizational readiness, and misplaced AI expectations.

Our program creates a quick pathway to financial and operational gains by ensuring we:

AI By the Numbers

52% of executives say AI tools have boosted productivity, 50% say AI has helped them achieve cost savings goals, and 53% of businesses have innovated their products and services using AI technology.

PwC, 2021


Our Accelerator Team has worked with hundreds of businesses — from late-stage scale-up firms to regional banks to healthcare organizations — on leveraging AI to drive growth.

We have specific expertise leveraging AI to support:

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Product Experience
  • Call Center Experience
  • Employee Experience
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Fraud Detection