Program Details

The promise of Artificial Intelligence is limitless, particularly when it comes to its ability to strengthen and enhance customer experience, augment customer service, grow revenue and drive efficiency. Our 6-week AI Accelerator Program helps you identify the perfect parts of your business (marketing, HR, operations, sales, etc.) that could most benefit from AI adoption.

We help you build your roadmap, prioritize where you need an AI boost (think personalization, customization, segmentation, predictive analytics), and ensure your data and technical ecosystem are prepared to maximize the impact of AI integration.

In short, we demystify AI — pairing you with our technical and AI strategist team so you can adopt AI with confidence, ease, and impact

Click each Stage to learn more about the journey we’ll go on together, starting with Week 1: Prioritize Use Cases.


Leveraging a Design Thinking approach, together we articulate a shortlist of key problems and opportunities against which AI/data-driven solutions could be applied. At the end of our 90-minute workshop, we’ll provide some of the recommendations we think will be great candidates to proceed to the next phase. We’ll deliver our findings soon after the workshop in the form of a Prioritized Matrix showing the impact and feasibility of each recommendation.


Now that we know the business case against which we want to apply AI, we need to perform an analysis of both your data and technical readiness.

We start with an examination of your data ecosystem: look at your data quality, determine your ability to create a Ground Truth training set, explore your governance, ethics and compliance practices, etc. Then we move on to your Tech ecosystem.


Before deciding which initiatives to act on first, we need to look at the technical components at play – you organization’s data and the technology platforms you use. In separate workshops, we’ll meet with IT, BI, and application administrators – including business users who manage key applications – to get a sense of your current data and technology ecosystem. Findings from this phase will be delivered in our “State-of-the-Data” report.



At this point, you have gained both clarity on the ways AI can have an impact on achieving your goals, and context of how these initiatives can integrate with your data and technology environment. Next, we combine this knowledge to determine an “order-of-operations”. We’ll work with you to define which projects should be undertaken right away, while striking a balance between longer-term projects that will deliver the highest impact and quick wins that help gain momentum and buy-in.



Based on what we’ve learned about your organization, we’ll provide you with a custom “Safeguarding Success Plan”, outlining how you can maintain and sustain the momentum you’ve made. Topics covered may include fostering culture, building data literacy, and leveling up your team’s skill set. Also, you’ll receive a final report listing any next steps or further recommendations for how you can continue with your AI journey.

The Approach

  • Identify a clear problem or opportunity against which you want to apply AI
  • Quantify the value for achieving that goal so that AI ROI is pre-baked
  • Use co-creative methodologies like Design Thinking and surveying
  • Combine your expertise with our AI skills to deliver a solid path forward
  • Produce tangible deliverables weekly so that impact becomes fast-realized
  • Engage both business and technical teams for holistic buy-in

From the Accelerator Team

It’s important to identify places to integrate AI at the points at which humans and machines come together. When leveraged powerfully, AI makes humans superhuman. But when leveraged incorrectly, it loses effectiveness or degrades end-user experience in the process.

Walter McAdams, Chief Engineer, Digital Solutions

Artificial Intelligence, Driving Positive Outcomes

Automate Manual Processes

Free employees from tedious tasks and manual burden while improving the accuracy of their output. Teach a bot to perform routine and essential processes like lead qualification, employee onboarding, and help desk-level support, so your team can focus on the work they truly love.

Human-Centric Communications

Automate interactions with your customers while maintaining that personal touch. Use conversational AI to build automated chat bots, text message responses, and email suggestions that add efficiency without sacrificing customer experience.

Find Insights in Your Data

When it comes to analytics, AI makes difficult things easy and impossible things possible. You can analyze unstructured data like photos and videos, process large data sets to predict the future, and identify patterns that it would take humans years to recognize.

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