Program Details

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming a top area of interest, particularly with AI’s ability to strengthen and enhance customer experience, augment customer service, grow revenue and drive efficiency. Our 6-week AI Accelerator Program helps you identify how AI can be leveraged against a specific use case, assess data and technical ecosystem preparedness, and align your organization to ensure momentum.

Whether you’re clear on your AI desires — introduce CX personalization and customization, tap predictive analytics, grow market share, etc. — or are ready to dip a toe but unsure where to start, our program walks you through a modular process.

Click each Stage to learn more about your journey, starting with Week 1: Prioritize Use Cases.


Leveraging a Design Thinking approach, together we articulate a shortlist of key problems and opportunities against which AI/data-driven solutions could be applied. Following the 2-hour Workshop, our Accelerator team shares your Prioritized Matrix, our recommendations for which use cases could benefit from AI based on impact and feasibility.

Together, we pick 1-2 use cases to advance to the next step: Data.


Now that we know the business case against which we want to apply AI, we need to perform an analysis of both your data and technical readiness.

We start with an examination of your data ecosystem: look at your data quality, determine your ability to create a Ground Truth training set, explore your governance, ethics and compliance practices, etc. Then we move on to your Tech ecosystem.


We meet with your Data and Business teams to understand the systems in place to deliver the value of AI, the ease of implementation, the robustness of security and privacy, and the technical infrastructure in place to support AI/ML capabilities.

Once we have examined your data and tech ecosystems, it’s time to align.


By now, you’ve reached the mid-way point of your program. Based on your data and tech ecosystem findings, we create and share our Big Rock, Start-Stop-Stay Findings.

This report lists your top 5 Big Rocks, the chief findings of how your existing ecosystem supports your AI initiative, and what needs to be addressed next to maximize impact. We also lend Start-Stop-Stay recommendations to strengthen your ecosystem so you can realize greater AI benefit.


In our final 2 weeks, we focus on how things like culture, organizational objectives, existing team skill sets, organizational design, tolerance for risk, change and learning, among other things, will drive the greatest AI velocity.

Your custom Safeguarding Success Plan is delivered, sharing best practices based on your unique ecosystem for ensuring AI success and impact.

The Approach

  • Identify a clear problem or opportunity against which we want to apply AI
  • Quantify the value for achieving that goal so that ROI is pre-baked
  • Use co-creative methodologies like Design Thinking and surveying
  • Combine your expertise with our AI skills to deliver a solid path forward
  • Produce tangible deliverables weekly so that impact becomes fast-realized
  • Engage both business and technical teams for holistic buy-in

From the Accelerator Team

There’s a lot of hype about AI, and it can be very challenging to cut through that hype and know where and how to invest. But for business, it really comes down to a couple of concepts we understand and have been investing in for a long time: automation, personalization and putting vast new data sources to work to improve operations and decision-making.

Angela Shen-Hsieh, formerly IBM Watson

Driving Business Impact Through AI

Customer Satisfaction Scoring

Create a machine learning-driven customer scoring methodology that can be used to prioritize, recommend and/or pause certain sales and service activities based on client vitality scores. Scoring can be used for early identification of product/service issues, potential customer churn, and customer strategy upgrades.

Next-Gen Personalization

Leverage micro segmentation to perform infinite A/B/X testing, allowing you to deliver targeted recommendations, tailored customer journeys based on individual preferences, and augment omni-channel strategy to have immediate impact on revenue.

Experience Automation

Free your team from manual burden by leveraging AI and machine learning to automate routine and essential processes, like: qualifying leads, using chatbots to automate level 1 inquiries, and strengthening employee experience processes such as onboarding and benefits management.

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