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Gone are the days of multi-year tech rollouts, strategy without execution, and technology investments not aimed towards specific initiatives or delivering ROI. Today, leaders are focused on driving continual outcomes, efficiencies, lift, and velocity to expeditiously drive transformation.

Our Outcomes-Based Services allow you to implement or optimize digital and software velocity, advanced analytics, and emerging tech solutions immediately and accessibly — by leveraging the proven methodologies of our team of technologists and futurists — so that you can move toward your next paradigm within weeks, not years.

Services Overview

Accelerator Services

Our proprietary, methodologically-based Accelerator Services help you elevate the role of data, disruptive technologies, and digitization solutions. These out of the box jump-start services are designed to help you with everything from standing up Future of Work KPIs to AI readiness deployment. They are low intrusive and are complete within weeks, not months. These Services pair you with our team of analysts, futurists, and engineers so that you can shape your experience paradigm expediently. Learn more about our flagship Accelerator Services: Metrics Finder and AI Accelerator Program.

Project-Based Engagements

Looking to drive superior quality, continuous everything, and increased velocity in your software factory? Our team provides instant lift and execution to your most important initiatives, from automating manual processes to leveraging emerging technologies. We build fit-for-purpose solutions to tackle your biggest roadblocks, eliminate bottlenecks, and shift into your most impactful era.


Scale your workforce up or down instantly by tapping our on-demand model. Through our trusted relationships with the consulting community, we can pair you with top 1% resources who are both a technical and cultural fit. From data engineers and analysts to automation engineers and scrum managers, leverage our model to address immediate resource, expertise and bandwidth constraints. Learn more here.


Innovate for Business Vitality

Nearly 40% of global CEOs think their organization will no longer be economically viable in 10 years’ time, if it continues on its current course.

Source: PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO Survey

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