Data-Backed, Innovation-Centered Strategy

Tried-and-true metrics — e.g., revenue, software defects, NPS, employee retention — will always have a place on dashboards. But in an ever-changing, Future of Work landscape, what needs to be measured has changed. Standard KPIs and OKRs need to be augmented by measuring what’s previously felt immeasurable.

Things like AI readiness, change management efficacy, product stickiness, career pathway diversification, and brand authenticity, among other areas.

Our Metrics Finder service empowers you to measure anything. Simply zero in on the area you most want to measure for the first time — or re-imagine your existing approach to KPI-ing — and tap our Advanced Analytics team to custom-build your data-backed framework.

How it Works

  • Pick the area you want to measure: change management efficacy, org vitality, employee experience, etc.
  • Redefine what it means to drive success in that area through SQA Group led design thinking workshops, focus groups, 1:on1:s
  • SQA Group Data & Innovation team analyzes your existing data sources (no size is too small for analysis!)
  • Receive a custom data-backed strategy as to how to drive success, ROI and impact in your core focus area
  • Your blueprint includes 10-15 newly created KPIs for your team, complete with action plans, target goals, and visualizations
  • Activate your newest KPIs via dashboards and real-time reporting, via the systems you have already or new systems

In Their Words

"Oftentimes we look at data as a measurement of what happened. The Metrics Finder is about looking at data as a way to figure out what we can make happen. We now have a common language when it comes to how we think about quality relationships, the new actions and behaviors that will drive connectedness, and new ways to measure.”

Rob Hancock, United Way of Rhode Island, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

New Ways to Measure Things Like...

Technical Debt

Embrace a more comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to reversing and preventing technical debt. Go beyond the basic metrics and stand up next-gen KPIs to prevent debt from occurring in the first place. Start measuring things like Bot Interaction Ratio, Stakeholder Committee Precision, and Duct Tape Development — grab more KPIs here.



At-Risk Employees

Pinpoint your at-risk employees, and the factors that contribute to their at-risk status, to stop the exodus well before it happens. Immediately address issues surrounding quiet quitting and the Great Resignation by identifying the roles, cultural nuances, and career pathways that most contribute to attrition.

Quality of a Client Relationship

Do you have the right clients? Are your deals generating good or bad profit? By measuring the quality of client relationships — from durability and loyalty to referral potential — you can unlock where to aim your go-to-market efforts to create a powerful acquisition engine. Dive into our case study here of how we helped a company do just that.

Superior Communication

Eliminate bottlenecks, information silos, and gatekeeping by standing up a data strategy to measure superior communication. Uncover how information flows, identify high potentials and high performers that you can leverage for communication momentum, and spur org-wide communication efficacy to drive forward your important initiatives.

Team Multi-Threadedness

Single points of failure — and success — pose major risk to organizations, especially when it comes to driving continuous organizational velocity. Bake every-day succession planning into your function or organization via a KPI strategy that accounts for cross-training, ‘”back-ups” for all roles and critical activities, and revamped SOPs.

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