Measure Differently

Speed to innovate. Product stickiness. Quality client relationships. Brand ambassadorship. Our top focus areas, how we’re aiming our teams, and how we’re investing in technology and initiatives has fundamentally changed. And that means what and how we need to measure also needs to shift.

Tried-and-true metrics — e.g., revenue, gross margin, cash flow — will always have a place. But they need to be enhanced with additional metrics. We need to measure beyond “typical,” and start measuring futures-oriented concepts like disruptive innovation, product uniqueness, digital-first collaboration, alignment to purpose, and employee happiness, among other things.

Our Metrics Finder helps you measure the previously immeasurable. We help you gain the 360-degree view so that you know exactly where to direct your team to next to thrive in this new business landscape.

How it Works

  • Determine the focus area(s) you want to measure differently
  • Arrive at a shared, progressive definition of “success” for that area(s)
  • Map the current actions and behaviors of your team
  • Dream of the future actions and behaviors your team could take
  • Our team of Measurement & Futurist consultants present back your new CAP metrics — countable, actionable, predictive
  • Specific recommendations provided on how to re-aim, enhance your existing behaviors and actions to better drive towards your new definition of success
  • Implement or enhance existing dashboards to chart progress towards achieving your goals in near-real time

In Their Words

"Oftentimes we look at data as a measurement of what happened. The Metrics Finder is about looking at data as a way to figure out what we can make happen. We now have a common language when it comes to how we think about quality relationships, the new actions and behaviors that will drive connectedness, and new ways to measure.”

Rob Hancock, United Way of Rhode Island, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

New Ways to Measure

Quality of a Client Relationship

Where we invest our time matters — be it with clients, donors, or partners. What types of clients are most likely to work with your firm? Who is most deserving of your GTM? Who is most likely to stay with your company over time? By measuring the quality of your relationships, you can help your team work smarter, and with greater meaning.

Employee Belonging

The Great Resignation is here and not going anywhere. Gone are the days of measuring engagement by participation in team building activities or unlimited PTO. Today, we need to measure things like whole-self, authenticity, trust, burnout, psychological safety, and peer relationships. When we re-imagine what it means to be engaged, we unlock the next level of unbreakable team connectedness.

Organizational Health

Org health goes far beyond revenue, YoY growth, client NPS, employee retention, and pipeline creation. It’s also about creating stark raving fans. Speed to innovation. Products and services that “wow.” When we think of health through the lens of Future of Work, we land on powerful new ways to drive growth.

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