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Since our inception in 1999, we’ve helped companies introduce emerging technologies to accelerate business velocity and drive growth. From re-imagining approaches to customer experience to leveraging the latest in AI and machine learning to fueling product velocity and speed to market, we help our clients chose iterative momentum and immediate impact every single day.

At SQA Group, we are comprised of a team of technicians, engineers, data mavericks, and business strategists who delight in introducing the technology solutions and services that enable our clients to be among the early innovative adopters. In partnership, we team with the pacesetters in your organization, introducing our technical and consultative hyper-specialization skills, to help you leverage technology as a catalyst to business gain.


Pave access to innovation for the communities we serve

Core Values

Our core values deeply inform who we are, how we think and how we choose to show up:

Walk in Their Shoes

Lead from a place of empathy and true understanding

Celebrate Authenticity

We believe everyone should get to show up as their most whole version of self

Infinite Possibility

We balance dreaming of what could be, continually raising the bar of what’s possible with pragmatic steps needed to make progress forward

Be the Pioneers

Choosing to be among the Early Adopters, we take the path not yet traveled

Choose Growth

Try new things, challenge assumptions, and excitedly stretch

In the Words of Our Team

We asked a few of our team members to share their thoughts on our growth story and larger industry macro shifts!
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Brendan Akashian VP, Business Development, AI/Data

What excites you most about helping companies apply advanced analytics and AI solutions?

The challenges being experienced by our clients are always slightly different. This creates a huge opportunity to create personalized solutions that solve our clients’ core problems. It also creates a forum of collaboration that allows both our team and our clients to learn and further expand the possibilities of what can be done by embracing advanced solutions.

It’s always exciting to work with a client who thinks their problem is too difficult to even explain to us. We love solving the most challenging problems because it unlocks new levels of what can be done.

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Carrie Majewski VP of Growth Strategy

Future of Work is here! What does that mean for all companies?  

We are not on the precipice of a business revolution; we are knee-deep in evolution, newness and far-reaching paradigm shifts. So much in our business world has changed, from the ways in which technology augments human ingenuity to the surge of hybridity to the ever-increasing race to innovate. It has never been a more EXCITING time! The barrier to enter for tech adoption is low, the ability to leapfrog competitors is always within reach, and there are incredible new options to build customer and employee connectedness and loyalty. Future of Work represents a cataclysmic shift in terms of how we run businesses, spark innovation, incubate and bring to life new concepts, and grow our companies and teams. I can’t wait the new products, services and positive disruption that come from this new era of work! 

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Christian Palombo VP of Sales

What are 3 things all leaders should be focused on in the next 12 months? 

Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric once said, “When the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”  

Change is happening at a record pace, especially in the way we work. This requires leaders to be agile and adaptable, continuously driving transformation within and across their organizations. As we look toward the next 12 months, leaders need to embrace the adoption of emerging technology (including artificial intelligence and advanced analytics), build a diverse talent community, and operate ethically with full transparency to avoid the risk of being left behind. 

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Emily McHugh Director of Strategic Initiatives

Which of our core values speaks most to you and why? 

Choose Growth is an SQA Group value that I really connect with. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner both personally and professionally, always excited for opportunities to try something new. Sometimes growth can be uncomfortable, but it is so critical in this ever-changing world and if we’re not challenging the status quo, trying new things, and stretching into new areas, it’s so easy to be left behind.   

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Glenna Costa HR Manager

Employee experience has never been more important; how would you describe the SQA group experience? 

Employee experience has never been more important, and SQA Group really takes this to heart. From first interview, to onboarding and beyond, the focus is on listening to each employee to create a personalized experience and to exceed expectations at all phases of the employee journey. SQA Group is forward-thinking in our approach to company culture, team structure, and work environment giving each employee the support and flexibility to work in ways that enable them to be their best selves. From my own personal experience, I have never worked at an organization before where I feel heard, understood, and valued every step of the way. 

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Ilya Taller Talent Advisor

What technological shifts are taking place at the macro that most excite you? 

One of the biggest technological trends that excites me is the surge of automation engineering.  It’s truly becoming an essential part of business today. The QE space is evolving and the era of automation and machine learning is here. There will always be a need. The companies that adopt the new trends are setting themselves up for a sustainable future. 

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Kate Naranjo Client Advisor

What do you believe are the most essential ingredients in building unbreakable relationships in business and how do these ingredients inform the work that you do here at SQA Group? 

When it comes to building unbreakable relationships in business, I view the essential ingredients to all be surrounding the human side of things – authenticity, connection and empathy. These three elements are at the backbone of how I show up for those I work with daily. Establishing business connections where all parties feel heard, seen, and valued is a standard I relentlessly prioritize when it comes to my work.

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Marco Barrera Senior Director, Sales Operations

You’ve been with our firm for 18 years! What have been some of the most memorable parts of working here? 

Time flies when you are having fun and enjoying the work you do, day in and day out.  Having the room and autonomy to be creative, the diversity of our clients, and the ability to impact people’s careers, have always stood out to me. 

But what has always set SQA Group apart is our culture. One of my most memorable moments was my first company trip to Aruba. I was three months into my tenure, and SQA Group did not have to invite me on the trip; I was too new and had not made an impact on revenue that year, but I was invited and felt like I was joining a second family from the start. That left a lasting impression on me, and part of why I am still here, 18 years later! 

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Marie SaoBento Director, Client Success

How would you define the ultimate client experience? 

The Ultimate Client Experience is all about delivering a meaningful and memorable experience to our clients which is focused on their needs. We can’t just pass our customers through the “process,” instead we must engage them with a mindset of doing what is in their best interest and focus all of our interactions on what brings them value.   

Every engagement has to include outstanding communication, an ease of getting through the process at hand, and must far surpass the customers’ expectations by being purposeful and predictable!  It’s also extremely important in any client experience world to recognize that every organization has both external and internal customers and it’s our responsibility to serve both sides with an Ultimate Experience! 

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Mark McPhillips CFO

3 words that come to mind when describing our team and WHY. 

Describing our team here at SQA Group is pretty easy. Energetic, Positive, and Collaborative. 

I am so enthusiastic about the energy that goes into every interaction with our team. Whether the collaboration is with our team, clients, or consultants, everyone shows up with their “A” game. It takes a team in order to be successful in today’s business world. The positivity can be seen in this team by their unending willingness to learn and looking for new ways to grow our company in these ever-changing times. 

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Natalie Martin Talent Advisor

We work with some of the most incredible tech professionals out there; why do you believe they should choose US? 

I have my own reasons for believing why tech professionals should choose SQA Group such as our easy onboarding process, our strong and honest communication with our team, and our large variety of intriguing projects. However, what I hear over and over again from those who work with us is that SQA Group is comprised of compassionate, talented, and intelligent internal team members who really care about the journey and goals of each and every team member. When you have a team of people behind you who want you to not only succeed, but also enjoy the process, you will know you are in the right place, and that is with us. 

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Paul Wayss Controller

What is your favorite part about working here? 

My favorite part about working at SQA Group is the people.  Our staff is a positive, energetic, talented and fun group.  In my role as controller, I work closely with our CFO.  We’ve worked together for many years and he’s become a close friend and confidant.  Together along with our HR manager, we’re able to handle all of SQA Group’s back-office needs. 

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Philip Sears VP of QE Solutions

The engineering discipline continues to evolve at a breakneck pace… what excites you most about the work you do? 

This timeless phrase applies particularly with engineering and technology, “Change is the only constant.” 

Every engineering challenge is new and unique, and the technology community is constantly evolving to create new and innovative solutions to combine with decades of engineering wisdom. As a lifelong learner I am always eager to learn new technologies and gather insight from an active community. 

And I’m most excited when I’m able to leverage innovative engineering ideas to help a customer along on their journey. 

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Rob Lanza CEO

How do you foresee tech and humanity coming together in the future? 

There is so much to be excited and optimistic for when considering how technology is shaping our future.  The automation/digitization era has paved the way for new platforms and innovation. Human creativity and ideation are soaring to new heights and incredibly inspiring.  Novel paradigms in how we work, collaborate, invent and build are fundamentally elevating what’s next.  But the real opportunity lies in how we augment HUMAN experiences, and society as whole, with emerging technologies.  Not to displace human ingenuity, but instead tech-accelerated solutions for our most complex challenges – inclusion, climate change, inequity, and access to name a few.  There is no doubt that we are the precipice of remarkable human tech convergence.  Buckle up!

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Rob Ulmschneider Head of Data Solutions

What does the Future of Experience look like? 

The Future of Experience is holistic and people-centered, focusing on “constituents” no matter what their relationship is to an organization or their products, services, and mission. We are already seeing employee experience emerging as a component of total experience that is just as important as customer and user experience — if not more so. Employees who are engaged, empowered, and fulfilled will drive constituent experience for everyone, and the employers who foster a supportive environment will be more successful as a result. 

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Schuyler Shaughnessy Client Advisor

What excites you most about your day-to-day here? 

Connecting with industry thought leaders and fostering new relationships is a unique aspect of my day-to-day at SQA Group. Having the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to educate them on new ideas or perspectives, understand the barriers or challenges they face and provide support to avoid potential pitfalls is truly gratifying. We want to be their partner by supporting clients wherever they are on their journey for continuous success and innovation.

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Talia Matrumalo Digital Marketing Specialist

If you were to describe our firm to your friends, how would you describe it? 

When telling my friends about our firm, our team is the first thing that comes to mind. When it comes to our team, I think of the following words: intelligent, cohesive, collaborative, and supportive. I have been here for more than 2 years now and can say with certainty I have both grown and been challenged. It excites me to be a part of a company that accepts me as I am, while also always driving me to continuously improve and evolve. 

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Walter McAdams Chief Engineer

What tech mega trends are here that all tech leaders should be excited about—and prepared for? 

One: Remote work. The pandemic has proven that the world does not stop just because we cannot assemble in one place. This expands the Agile concept of “self-organizing teams” to include redefinitions of work, work-hours, and work/life balance, and including people in more work locales and more personal life situations. Groups may start to be organized around technical professionals with a common workstyle preference.  

Second: The IoT (Internet of Things) explosion. Traditionally IT has meant laptops on people’s desk connecting to servers in a LAN or WAN driving designed-for-purpose applications. We are entering a new world of computation where most machines will have imbedded processors that will connect — perhaps dynamically — to a variety of different networks for different purposes, and we are going to be the people that code the programs bringing this revolution to reality!   

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A Look Back, A Look Forward


  • Open doors in RI, offering niche quality test and automation services
  • Rob Lanza first hire; Mark McPhillips joins as acting controller
  • In 18 months, grow to $10 million
  • Land national accounts including Disney, CVS, Pfizer and Bayer
  • Listed on Fastest Growing and Best Places to Work lists, including Inc 500
  • Expand breadth of capabilities by adding Solutions Team
  • Grow geographically from Boston to Florida


  • Rob Lanza is promoted to Head of Client Services
  • Walter McAdams joins team, specific focus on engineering, test automation and application performance management
  • Acquisition of household brands: Geico, Bed Bath & Beyond and Pitney Bowes
  • Perform largest software development lifecycle evaluation to date with TIAA-CREF
  • Company enters hyper-growth mode, fueled by expansion into Advisory Services


  • Ownership transition to Rob Lanza, COO, and Mark McPhillips, CFO
  • Growth swell of business in New England
  • Expansion into insurance, financial services, healthcare and retail
  • Shift in services to offer organizational-wide transformational work through the applicator of emerging tech
  • Incorporation of Agile techniques internally and with clients


  • Rob Lanza takes over as CEO
  • Launch of Emerging Tech and Data/Advanced Analytics business units
  • SQA moves into new office in Providence, RI
  • Introduce our rebrand as SQA Group


  • Formation of Client Success Management department to further strengthen client relationships
  • Growth of data and AI team through hire of top data scientists and AI engineers
  • Increased client work/projects leveraging emerging tech, from IoT to cloud to hyper-automation
  • Internal tech team regularly tapped for media industry predictions around ML, AI and cloud
  • Continued growth of Go-To-Market team

An Eye Towards the Future

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