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We love working with you on your most important transformation pursuits — from helping you pinpoint exactly where to implement AI/ML solutions to make your team superhuman to crafting superior software solutions (quality built in, not bolted on!) so that the tech that is invisible to the user to everything in between.

For going on three decades, we’ve partnered with leaders like you who are doing the important work, embracing paradigm shifts, and enacting meaningful change within your teams, company, and larger community.

We love bringing the worlds of innovation, data, and tech together. It’s why our firm is made of a team of strategists, dreamers, technicians, data mavericks, and engineers who can talk business and tech, while never losing sight of the fact of the humans, who sit at the center of the solutions we create.

Whether you’re a fledgling startup, large enterprise, or non-profit organization, we help you spin up strategies, roadmaps, capabilities, and teams so that you can powerfully achieve your most important goals and initiatives.

Our Motivator

To leave a lasting impact on the communities we serve, from our employees to our clients to our partners

Core Values

Our core values deeply inform who we are, how we think and how we choose to show up:

Walk in Their Shoes

Lead from a place of empathy and true understanding

Celebrate Authenticity

We believe everyone should get to show up as their most whole version of self

Infinite Possibility

We balance dreaming of what could be, continually raising the bar of what’s possible with pragmatic steps needed to make progress forward

Be the Pioneers

Choosing to be among the Early Adopters, we take the path not yet traveled

Choose Growth

Try new things, challenge assumptions, and excitedly stretch

In the Words of Our Team

We asked a few of our team members to share their thoughts on our growth story and larger industry macro shifts!

Carrie Majewski VP of Growth Strategy

"The barrier to enter for tech adoption is low, the ability to leapfrog competitors is always within reach, and the ability to drive next-level innovation is always weeks, not years away."

Glenna Costa Head of People and Culture Operations

"Employee experience has never been more important. A forward-thinking approach to company culture, team structure, and work environment is essential for tomorrow's thriving companies."

Walter McAdams Chief Engineer

"Digital modernization — an organization-wide approach to changes in strategy, technology, processes, and ideology — will be imperative for any company that wants to keep up."

Marco Barrera Executive Solutions Partner

"Digital velocity and agility are non-negotiables. Being able to deploy hyper-specialized strike teams — top technical people who come in and get the job done — will be even more powerful."

Rob Lanza CEO

"There is so much to be excited for when considering how technology is shaping our future, especially when it comes to how we augment HUMAN experiences with tech-accelerated solutions for our most complex challenges."

A Look Back, A Look Forward


  • Open doors in RI, offering niche quality test and automation services
  • Rob Lanza first hire; Mark McPhillips joins as acting controller
  • In 18 months, grow to $10 million
  • Land national accounts including Disney, CVS, Pfizer and Bayer
  • Listed on Fastest Growing and Best Places to Work lists, including Inc 500
  • Expand breadth of capabilities by adding Solutions Team
  • Grow geographically from Boston to Florida


  • Rob Lanza is promoted to Head of Client Services, ushers in new client journey philosophy
  • Web applications increasingly become client facing, driving us to focus on performance as key to UX
  • Walter McAdams joins to head Performance Engineering and Automation practice
  • Surge service model emerges as “go to” for dozens of .com’s and high-tech firms
  • Solutions Team built to support end-to-end software delivery process engineering and client velocity demands


  • Ownership transition to Rob Lanza, COO, and Mark McPhillips, CFO
  • New vision for growth and purpose — tech services for business differentiation
  • Focus on helping clients lean into digital transformation as a means to compete
  • Client demand for help leveraging futuristic, modern technologies and capitalizing on methodological shifts
  • Growth swell of business in New England


  • Rob Lanza takes over as CEO
  • Expanded focus on both engineering quality and elevating data as competitive business drivers
  • Expansion of client engagements to focus on disrupting and advancing companies through a hyper-focus lens of either quality and/or data
  • New office move to downtown Providence, RI
  • Introduce our rebrand as SQA Group


  • Formation of Client Success Management department to further strengthen client relationships
  • Growth of Solutions Team through hire of top data analysts, AI engineers, and data scientists
  • Launch of proprietary Metrics Finder service offering
  • Increased client work and projects leveraging emerging tech, from IoT to cloud to hyper-automation
  • Internal tech team regularly tapped for media industry predictions around ML, AI and cloud
  • Continued growth of Go-To-Market team

An Eye Towards the Future

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