Software & Application Development

As a software leader in today's digital economy, delivering superior products, user experience, and continuous value is exponentially complex. It requires increased feedback loops with users and business stakeholders, as well as the capability to rapidly integrate new technologies, techniques and skills to meet demands.

For going on three decades, leaders responsible for launching, engineering, and enhancing applications have depended on us to help them navigate these priorities and stay ahead of capacity overload — whether that means deploying hyperspecialized tech consultants, driving transformation across the application lifecycle, or crafting modernization approaches. We help you put out fires today and make progress on the initiatives you need to drive tomorrow.

Help you gain velocity, speed, and impact by:

  • Leveraging modern workforce solutions
  • Tackling software factory blockers
  • Accelerating velocity & outcomes
  • Developing solutions that scale
  • Strengthening data management
  • Standing up automation frameworks
  • Modernizing application lifecycle  
  • Crafting a culture for continuous delivery
  • Establishing software centers of excellence

From Our Clients

"SQA Group understands the software delivery lifecycle space and how to embrace both next-generation migration and change management at the same time. The team is thorough and has a special skill set when it comes to performance testing, CI/CD services and software automation."

David Berube, IT Executive

Clients tap us to help them with:

Software Quality & Engineering

No matter your stage of application, software delivery, or product development lifecycle, we help you build and scale digital products and apps that delight customers and establish product stickiness. Innovating how your team thinks about quality of process and product — ensuring quality is built-in, not bolted on. Dive in deeper here.

Lifecycle Velocity & Automation

Define and implement strategies for end-to-end lifecycle automation, or automate specific phases to gain velocity and deliver value. Specific expertise in and focus on: increasing pace of deployment, leveraging CI/CD and continuous testing, implementing intelligent automation, ​and shifting left.

Project Strategy & Leadership

Equipping our clients with the technical leadership, vision, and resource firepower that’s needed to drive projects forward technically, while understanding the larger context to successfully navigate politics. From project inception to implementation to continuous maintenance.

Data Engineering & Management

Software and app leaders tap us when they need to achieve data mastery, ensuring there are no data bottlenecks, leakage, or quality issues within the application stack. We bring next-level visibility into the software factory, enabling our clients to unlock hidden potential, stay ahead of issues, and incorporate predictive intelligence.


Access to hyper-specialized one-off technical resources and project strike teams. Our Consultants and teams (learn more) specialize in a number of disciplines inducing: AI, ML, IoT, next-gen testing, automation, quality engineering, business intelligence, data, and software development.

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