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Continuous everything. Data-driven decision making. Build, buy, hybrid and integration in the cloud but also hosted. As a software technology and development leader, the pressure you face to maximize your investment in digital technology grows by the day. And with it grows the need to be able to toggle between activities that “keep the lights on” and activities that innovate, optimize, and help you move faster.

For more than two decades, leaders responsible for delivering quality and engineering applications have depended on us to help them navigate these priorities and stay ahead of capacity overload — whether that means deploying hyperspecialized tech consultants, setting and steering data strategy, crafting modernization roadmaps, or driving transformation across the application lifecycle.

With access to our technical leadership and project teams, we help you put out fires today and make progress on the initiatives you need to drive tomorrow.

Help you gain velocity, speed, and impact by:

  • Identifying solutions and Consultants to address immediate need​s 
  • Assessing blockers to software factory progress and priorities
  • Accelerating implementation and execution
  • Developing automated solutions that scale
  • Strengthening data management and strategy approaches
  • Creating strategies and frameworks that build true automation  
  • Modernizing and transforming across the application lifecycle  
  • Crafting your culture for continuous delivery
  • Establishing quality doctrines, centers of excellence, and governance models 

From Our Clients

"Our software quality improved by over 20%, so there were less defects, rework and more effort towards developing new functionality for the business. This was a game changer!"

Dan Sheehan, Business and IT Executive

Clients tap us to help them with:

Project & Program Leadership

Dealing with large-scale and/or complex enterprise systems implementations? Tap us for project leadership, QE expertise, and integration strategies. We provide SDLC-wide leaders who can drive projects forward technically, while understanding the larger context to successfully navigate politics. 

Software Development

Whether building products or developing apps that test other applications, scale with coding firepower and resources to build technologies or systems that drive business (more on that here). Ensure you have the right infrastructure, architecture, environments, processes, resources, and organizational structure.

Lifecycle Velocity & Automation

Define and implement strategies for end-to-end lifecycle automation, or automate specific phases to gain velocity and deliver value. Specific focus on: increasing pace of deployment, leveraging CI/CD (via virtualization and cloud) and continuous testing, implementing intelligent automation, ​and shifting left.

Software Quality & Engineering

Establish or innovate how your team thinks about quality of process and product to drive superior client experience — ensuring quality is built-in, not bolted on. Tap us for transformation strategies, methodological change enablement, data management, introducing new techniques such as BDD and pattern-driven design.


Access to hyper-specialized one-off technical resources and project strike teams to help drive forward your most important software and application initiatives. Our Consultants and teams (learn more) specialize in AI, ML, IoT, next-gen testing, automation, quality engineering, business intelligence, data, and software development, among other areas.

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