Modernize Your Data Ecosystem

How data mature is your organization? Sitting on a ton of data but unsure how to utilize it to drive intelligence? Do you have a team of data professionals but duplicate efforts because of a lack of strategy or governance? Or, perhaps your data culture is strong, but your team lacks the bandwidth or expertise required for enterprise-wide adoption?

No matter where you fall with your approach to data, we help you craft and execute a whole-of-organization approach to ensure data is deployed to its maximum benefit.

We help you build your Data Center of Excellence, elevating the role data plays in steering your company by shaping your approach to:
Strategy, Governance, Measurement, Adoption & Tools, Stewardship, and Literacy.

Fortifying your data ecosystem will help you:

  • Ensure a strategic approach to data is aligned to business objectives
  • Improve data quality, consistency, and completeness
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Track the right metrics
  • Have full visibility into organizational KPIs
  • Be proactive instead of reactive
  • Ensure enterprise-wide adoption of tools
  • Increase data literacy
  • Eliminate data silos

By the Stats

According to a recent IDC survey of CIOs and senior IT executives, 93% of IT executives in the U.S. say their enterprise is leveraging some form of center of excellence (COE) to drive data and advanced analytics initiatives.

Helping you solve your data challenges by:

Crafting a Strategy

We help you build a strong foundation by crafting an enterprise data strategy that identifies where you fall today when it comes to data maturity, your goals for tomorrow, and a roadmap to get there.

Standing up Governance

Data governance is essential in moving your strategy forward. We help you identify key owners across your organization, stand up new meeting rhythms, and create policies and processes for tracking and moving initiatives forward, keeping compliance and security top of mind.

Measuring Differently

As leaders, we don’t always have a data-driven way to measure impact, or we can’t figure out how to make new initiatives actionable. We can help you start measuring the things that feel immeasurable– things like innovation, product uniqueness, digital-first collaboration, alignment to purpose, and employee happiness, among other things.

Maximizing Tools & Adoption

Don’t let your tech stack go underutilized. We can help you identify opportunities to maximize your enterprise systems and applications to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment.

Increasing Data Literacy

Data literacy can be a major barrier in driving toward a data-driven culture. If you’re looking for data to play a role in the day-to-day activities throughout the organization, all the way down to the individual contributor level, literacy is key. Through data literacy training and an adoption assessment, you can ensure business users are putting data to work.