As your organization drives innovation forward — lifecycle automation, generative AI, data-driven engineering, Agile transformation, etc., — the expertise required from a technical, implementation, and strategic level shifts. And with it, your team is forced to make continual decisions.

Continue to drive forward acute lights on activities? Or prioritize new capability acceleration?

Technical leaders are regularly one new project, one unexpected break, or one resignation away from capacity overload. Having a plan in place for when inevitable capacity overwhelm happens is a game-changer. For more than two decades, we've worked with leaders like you on introducing modern workforce scaling strategies that enable you to not only solve the acute 911, but also advance the initiatives that most enable your team to retain its influence and rev-gen impact.

Helping leaders who need expertise across ...

  • Software & Application Development
  • Advanced Analytics, AI and ML
  • Quality + Test Engineering
  • Compliance and Validation
  • Data-Driven Engineering
  • Business Process Automation
  • Data Monetization Services
  • Agile & DevOps Enablement
  • Data Strategy & Management
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery

From Our Community

"SQA Group played a pivotal role in a digital transformation I led for a previous biotech firm. DevOps is always a big deal but when you are talking about validated equipment, it becomes even more complex. What we did together was revolutionary and it was exciting for SQA Group to be part of executing the vision."

Joel Nichols, VP Information Systems Quanterix

Core delivery models include...

Consultants on Demand

Sometimes the most critical person on your team leaves at the worst moment, creating a skills gap that can’t be replaced in-house. Our technical team has access to over 20K top industry professionals, each vetted by our technical leadership for business and domain knowledge, technical skill sets, and applicable real world experiences.

Strike Teams

Velocity and agility are non-negotiables, and are often supercharged by having the right hyper-specialized teams. We assemble pods of pre-vetted practitioners (e.g. Scrum, data science, software development, performance engineering) who come in to drive projects forward fast, without sacrificing quality.

Project & Program Leadership

Clients tap us when they need objective and strong technical leadership to establish roadmaps, blueprints, and implementation plans for critical technology and data pursuits. Our Project & Program leaders craft fit-for-purpose solutions that make sense for who you are today and where you need to head tomorrow.

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