Impact. Advance. Influence.

The desire to do the extraordinary, be among the Early Adopters, and introduce new ways of thinking has never been more deeply embedded in the DNA of so many leaders. You’re here because you’re eying BIG things, or your organization has tapped you to implement an emergent vision. 

Products that will change lives. Culture and inclusion initiatives. Tech-enabled tools to create a more just world. Automation that uses AI to support — not replace — humans. 

No matter how far along you are with your idea, you are likely already thinking about how you can use data to support your work. Eyeing data science, predictive intelligence, story-telling and AI as core elements to fuel your charter.

That’s where we come in. We help you shape your strategy, use data to steer your trajectory, and ensure you apply technology and advanced analytics intentionally and thoughtfully to drive next-level transformation.

How We Help

Leaders come to us when they are looking to use data to catalyze change — invent new products, measure the immeasurable, revolutionize approaches to stakeholder connection, prove impact via data narratives. We partner with change champions like you to: 

  • Use data to do the revolutionary, from measuring the immeasurable to illuminating dark data insight to building data-fueled impact strategies
  • Take visions from the whiteboard to the blueprint, identifying specific ways to apply tech, automation, and AI/ML
  • Produce industry-leading, benchmarks on macro topics (healthcare equity, inclusion, Future of Work, state of sustainability, etc.) 
  • Scale your team with data, AI, and tech Consulting expertise, folks who become an extension of your team
  • Create data analysis, visualizations, and modeling to tell the stories others aren’t telling

By the Stats

93% of CEOs believe businesses should have a positive impact on society beyond just profit.

-YPO Global Leadership Survey

Areas of Expertise

Helping impact leaders leverage advanced analytics and technology solutions in the following areas…

  • Building custom apps
  • Fueling next era of CX
  • Future of Work KPIs
  • Scoping tech investments
  • Connecting data to culture
  • Build-or-buy evaluation
  • Product design and build
  • Data pilot projects
  • Proving impact via data

Our Approach

To maximize the ripple effect of change, our work centers upon 3 core pillars:

  • Shared Definitions: Leveraging design thinking frameworks, we help your team 10X your vision and arrive at shared definitions of success.
  • Data Brave: Measure the immeasurable, use predictive data to forecast what’s coming, and perform next-level analysis to shape business, society, and policy.
  • Tech Appropriate: Aim technology when, where, and how it makes sense for your organization and budget. Drive immediate ROI, while propelling your mission.

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