Data Overwhelm

Becoming a data-driven organization has become a business advantage, allowing companies to turn insights into action, lead from a place of knowledge, and track company performance and forecast trends, among a myriad of other gains. But strategically leveraging data-as-an-asset, requires a specific strategy built around tools, process and culture.

As you look to elevate data within your company, you may be experiencing data deluge and fatigue. Lack of clarity around how to make data actionable. A desire for stronger practices surrounding data management, controls, governance and storage. An imperative to build a holistic data strategy.


SQA Group helps you create a holistic data strategy that enables you to leverage data-as-an-asset to move your business forward. We help you uncover how to position data as a method by which you drive company direction and strategy.

From identifying the right data tools to building a data governance discipline to architecting and building data frameworks, we work in partnership to help you transform your company into a data-driven entity.

Impact and Outcomes

By becoming more data-driven, we help you realize the following outcomes:

From the Experts

While most organizations agree in theory that data is important, making data the foundation of business decisions is another story. It requires a data-driven culture — a shift in mindset and a commitment across the enterprise toward becoming more data driven.

Walter McAdams, Chief Engineer, SQA Group


We have specific expertise around the following data elements:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Quality Analytics
  • EDI & ETL
  • Test Data


  • Visualizations, Dashboards
  • Analytics Strategy
  • Data Lakes
  • Warehouses
  • Cubes and Marts


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