Bridge Data to Innovation

The quest to innovate, differentiate and grow has never been more top of mind, with leaders evolving core operating models, launching new services, and embracing a total experience approach when it comes to customers, employees and their larger community. Sitting right below the surface of an organization are the insights that can fuel this next-level impact… their data.

Data is certainly the new “oil,” but just like we don’t pull oil out of the ground and put it directly in our car, data must be refined before it can be put to use to help organizations drive their most important initiatives.

During our Data-Driven Innovation Strategy, we examine your current data ecosystem, define the areas you want to innovate, and build a roadmap to craft your new reality using analytics, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies.

The Approach

  • Embark on a 5-step journey to turn data into insights in weeks — not months
  • Achieve an understanding of your current data landscape by looking under hood
  • Explore the pillars of people, process, and technology that will ultimately drive innovation
  • Identify new approaches to data to positively impact Sales, Marketing, HR, etc.
  • Bridge data to innovation, leveraging it to improve outcomes
  • Take sizeable steps forward towards becoming truly data-driven

By the Numbers: Data Strategy

83% of businesses see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy, but 69% believe inaccurate data is undermining their ability to improve customer experience.

Source: Experian

Three-Step Methodology Overview

Analyze Your Data Sources

We start by working with your data stewards to get an understanding of your current data landscape. By analyzing the data coming from source systems, data stores, and even spreadsheets, we get a feel for issues around quality, consistency, and integration, and recommend remedies that will deliver the highest return on investment.

Assess People, Process, and Technology

Next, we place business context around your data. Our strategy session involves exploring the three pillars of people, process, and technology to determine how each impact your data and how they can be better leveraged to improve business outcomes.

Go In-Depth on a Particular Problem

Innovation strategies are seldom developed just for the sake of innovating. There is usually a tangible problem that can be remedied with solutions leveraging data or artificial intelligence. In this component, you’ll sit down with one of our experts in a particular area – e.g., sales, marketing, HR – to work through the issues you are experiencing and find ways to improve efficiency.