Speedy Delivery, High-Quality Software

Long release cycles and defect-ridden builds are impediments to innovation — impacting the speed of emerging tech adoption, effectiveness of data-driven imperatives, and product and business team alignment. The role of Quality Engineering has never been more important, serving as the champion of the customer needs and the accelerator for getting quality products out the door.

But how digitally modern is your QE practice? What role does QE play in driving company-wide digital velocity? How progressive are your approaches to product lifecycle, quality, tech, and data?

SQA Group’s Digital Delivery Accelerator Roadmap helps you uncover immediate ways to propel your transformation efforts forward by assessing your practice across five dimensions:

1. Product Lifecycle Velocity
2. Product Quality
3. Emerging Technology
4. Data-Driven Imperative
5. Business Alignment

The Approach

  • Leverage 22+ years experience helping clients across all industries drive digital velocity acceleration
  • From seedling start-ups to Fortune 100s, no matter your size, we know the steps required to drive your QE practice forward
  • We do not judge where you fall on the digital maturity scale
  • We believe modernization is for everyone, not just large companies
  • All our recommendations include actionable steps to aggressively compete within your industry and the larger macro
  • Engagement begins with review of your architecture diagrams, governance charters, planning documents, etc.
  • Conduct interviews with appropriate team for each dimension
  • Digital delivery assessment with an overall score and individual scores across 5 dimensions
  • Custom recommendations for increasing speed-to-market, improving quality of deliverables, and advancing to next-level digital transformation

From the Team

"Digital modernization is more than improving IT time to market; it is about business velocity — turbocharging your IT organization so it becomes an accelerator for business objectives rather than a hurdle business has to cross."

Walter McAdams, Chief Engineer

5 Dimensions: A Deeper Look

Product Lifecycle Velocity

Is your life cycle speed heroic, waterfall, agile, or continuous? Here we look at your speed around cycles for development, testing, build and release, security, compliance, and feedback.

Product Quality

Digitally modern teams focus on building quality in, rather than bolting it on. We examine the importance you place on quality, particularly how it is supported by concepts like automation and shift-left, shift-right.

Emerging Technology

IoT, redefined networks, extensive robotics, AI-driven systems… how are you incorporating emerging technology to drive the business forward? Are your teams willing and able to experiment, and can you extend successful prototypes to the entire organization?

Data-Driven Imperative

We’re entering the age of predictive AI-based modeling and automated algorithms. We examine how ready your team is to leverage real-time data and predictive analytics to introduce new standards of excellence.

Business Alignment

Are you simply creating products? Or are you creating products that wow and delight end users? This dimension explores the alignment between what the business needs and how effective QE is its delivery.