Speed and Impact

The role of a digital transformation leader is shifting fast, impacted by ever-changing consumer expectations, increased pressure to accelerate product lifecycle velocity, and a heightened focus on emerging technologies. The terms “digital innovation,” “product velocity,” and “transformation” are becoming table-stakes with the race to modernize speeding up.

Today’s leaders need to think through the lens of impact, speed, digitization and continuous value creation, making decisions about technology, adoption, and integration that prepare them to thrive. They need to make the swift and important decisions today, to ensure that their teams and companies are always ready for what comes next.

Digital Velocity Overview

As leaders continue to eye next, the way in which technology, strategy, and innovation can come together to fuel next-level experience has never been more powerful. We partner with leaders to drive their most important transformation efforts forward through:

  • Driving QE modernization by engineering quality and velocity into the SDLC; dive deeper into our 22-year QE services here
  • Acceleration of the delivery of code and new feature enhancements
  • Rapid deployment of customer, employee and user experience solutions
  • Dependable end-to-end technical ecosystem or tech/app stack
  • Lightning speed responsive systems, transactions, and workflows
  • Cultivating cultures of “continuous everything” — releases, value creation, data availability, etc.
  • Technology integrations that drive client, employee, and user connectedness and vitality


Impact and Outcomes

Our Digital Velocity solutions enable you to take advantage of the latest technologies and frameworks to:

From Our Community

"SQA Group understands the software delivery lifecycle space and how to embrace both next-generation migration and change management at the same time. The team is thorough and has a special skill set when it comes to performance testing, CI/CD services and software automation."

David Berube, IT Executive


We have specific expertise around the following digital velocity solutions and services:

  • Quality Engineering Services
  • Agile Development
  • DevOps Services
  • Software Delivery Services
  • Transformation Maturity Roadmaps
  • Automation Frameworks & Solutions
  • E2E Delivery Velocity
  • Disruptive Tech Integration
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Operational Excellence

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