Data Elevated and Aimed

Impact drives so many of the decisions we make, from where we work to the companies we support. But there’s also a lot of impact gone wrong — greenwashing, purpose-washing, performative DEI initiatives, etc. And that means that getting impact RIGHT, has never been more important.

We partner with you to ensure you’re using data fully and progressively to validate your initiatives across the areas of sustainability, DEIJ, workplace inclusion, and ESG. From helping you measure the immeasurable to leveraging data for good to setting up your entire data ecosystem and strategy, we fortify your data approach so that it fuels your most important work.

Helping you leverage data and advanced analytics to:

  • Demonstrate the ROI of your strategies and programs
  • Influence policy, legislation, and community initiatives
  • Amplify the need for societal and macro attention
  • Increase data transparency and accessibility
  • Fuel brand interest from future employees and customers
  • Create progressive KPIs to demonstrate impact beyond a checkbox
  • Increase executive buy-in and alignment to business strategy
  • Unearth powerful insights about what work to tackle next
  • Build data-driven, empowered cultures and teams

By the Stats

88% of institutional investors consider ESG criteria as equal to operational and financial factors. 58% of consumers buy or advocate for brands based on their beliefs and values. 60% of people choose work based on their values.

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Purpose-driven teams tap us to help them with:

Data-Powered Strategy

As an impact leader, it’s essential to have a strategy that prioritizes data accountability. We help companies craft the right key performance indicators, leverage prescriptive — not just descriptive — data, communicate stories of impact, and assemble sustainable data strategies so that collection, analysis, and reporting become a part of their day-to-day

Benchmarking Publications

We help you produce industry-leading, publicly shared benchmarks and index reports that include data analysis, visualizations, and predictive modeling to dive deep into a macro, social or corporate cause. Create a benchmark that can be used to affect public policy, secure funding, attract employees, customers, and investors, and inform legislative decisions.

BI & Advanced Analytics

Unsure how to derive real-time analytics, analyze data to predict what’s coming, or communicate your work to your stakeholders? Tap us to help you gain instant access to metrics, complete complex data analysis, and identify responsible and ethical ways to leverage AI, ML, and automation. More here.

Measure the Immeasurable

Brand authenticity, commitment to sustainability, alignment to mission, and employee belonging can feel impossible to measure. But they are not. By leveraging our Metrics Finder methodology, you can pioneer modern KPIs and align your team to drive new behaviors that most move the needle.

Data for Good

How can you personally lead your organization to leverage data for good? How can you eliminate AI bias, break down bad data culture, decrease data literacy barriers? We help you use data for good, from deploying AI ethically and building inclusive metrics to increasing transparency to stakeholders.

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