Uncover Actionable KPIs

The Future of Work revolution has catapulted us into a paradigm in which none of us has previously operated. And with it, the KPIs we depended on historically have been replaced — seemingly overnight — by a new set of measurement criteria that we need to elevate to assess our effectiveness in this new workplace era.

In addition to measuring the tried-and-true — e.g., revenue, gross margin, cash flow — leaders are now asked to measure new-age concepts like innovation, collaboration, purpose, productivity, mission, engagement, and happiness, among so many other buzzword terms.

Our KPI Finder helps you measure what’s previously been immeasurable, strengthen your existing strategies, or craft from scratch your org- or team-wide KPI strategy so that you can keep your eye on what’s most important to track in this new workplace paradigm.

The Approach

  • Define what “success” looks like in any areas you want to measure
  • Map process workflows that identify the steps/behaviors taken to achieve success in these areas
  • Identify trackable behaviors within these processes that are both forward-looking and closely related with success
  • Provide recommendations on how to build on your existing data ecosystem to track these behaviors, so that they can become metrics
  • Implement/enhance dashboards to chart progress towards achieving your goals in near-real time
  • Successfully measure and assess in the new workplace paradigm, replacing laggard metrics and approaches

From the Team

We need to re-evaluate everything we thought we knew about measurement. This means not only reimagining our current approaches to measurement, but also re-thinking what we once thought to be immeasurable. Fortunately, there's nothing we truly can't measure; it's just about measuring it the right way.

Rob Ulmschneider, Head of Data Solutions

New Ways to Measure in the Experience Economy

Ability to Fuel Innovation

What does it mean to be truly innovative? Is it how fast you create products? How often your team reaches zones of genius? The time allocated to incubate vs. execute? Innovation can be a buzzword devoid of meaning. But when we arrive at a shared definition of innovation, we not only come up with meaningful metrics, but we uncover limitless ways to innovate.

Success Against Your Mission

Mission-driven companies often have a different definition of success than those firms motivated solely by profit. These leaders focus on things like impact, lasting legacy, connection to core values, and leading from a place of purpose… all of which can be difficult to measure. But by understanding how to measure these areas, you can arrive at a new way to quantify success.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement metrics are typically outmoded — surveys, eNPS, retention, etc. But what we really need to measure are the things like: team empowerment, psychological safety, employee authenticity, and so on. When we re-imagine what it means to be an engaged employee, we unlock the next level of unbreakable team connectedness.