Rhode Island Inno, May 18, 2021 – SQA Group’s CEO Rob Lanza was recently interviewed by Rhode Island Inno, a local online newsletter, for his thoughts on how technology and digitization look for businesses after Covid and in the coming years.

Here is a quick excerpt:

RI Inno: Why are you transitioning into a holistic tech partner for digital transformation and innovation? What new services will this include?

Since we first opened our doors, we have stayed close to our clients to understand the drivers that sit at the heart of their quest for innovation. As their passion for technological disruption, new capabilities and cultural innovation has grown, we have grown too. Our recent services expansion at the end of last year — including the spinning up of practice areas specific to emerging technology and data science services — formalizes the ever-growing ways we have been partnering with companies over the last few years. To support our growth, we have welcomed to our firm several industry leaders in product development, data and analytics, and go-to-market strategy so we can introduce new services and products at an even greater velocity. We have several products we are working on in stealth mode focused on artificial intelligence acceleration and total experience that we cannot wait to introduce soon.

RI Inno: How significant was the pandemic to digital transformation?

2020 accelerated the pace of transformation from years to months. How we work, what motivates customers, our business models, employee desires, and ever-changing product expectations have fundamentally shifted. Initially, on-premises, physical-based industries such as hospitality, leisure, travel and health services perhaps faced the greatest challenge of how to innovate in the face of macro impact. In contrast, companies and industries that had already been re-imagining customer experience pre-Covid such as insurance, banking, real estate and healthcare were able to use the pandemic as an opportunity to double down and accelerate their efforts. As we look back a year later and clearly see the unwavering spirit for innovation that every single business demonstrated, let’s celebrate the power of human ingenuity and grit in the face of unimaginable obstacles.

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