Providence, R.I.  – With business models, go-to-market initiatives, and customer and employee strategies evolving rapidly, how and what we need to measure has changed. Responding to macro pressures for leaders to measure from a disruptive, 360-degree view, SQA Group has announced the launch of its Metrics Finder, designed to help leaders measure what was previously immeasurable to thrive in this new era.

The Metrics Finder enables leaders to examine a core part of their business — organizational health, growth, client vitality, employee engagement, alignment to purpose, etc. — and in partnership with SQA Group’s team of data analysts and futurist consultants:

  • Arrive at a progressive, “Future of Work” definition of what it means to be successful in that area
  • Identify new and existing actions, behaviors, and initiatives teams can take to drive success
  • Unearth new KPIs that teams will use to measure success, as well as augment existing KPIs
  • Leverage the power of visualization and dashboarding, through modern business intelligence tools, to make new metrics come to life

SQA Group’s Metrics Finder has helped companies measure things like go-to-market efficacy, employee happiness, quality client relationships, and organizational health, among other areas.

United Way of Rhode Island’s Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Rob Hancock says, “Oftentimes we look at data as a measurement of what happened, and the Metrics Finder is about looking at data as a way to figure out what we can make happen.”

“Something I appreciated and that exceeded my expectations is that we now have a common language among our team when it comes to how we think about quality relationships, the new actions and behaviors we believe will drive connectedness, and new ways to measure that,” Hancock adds. “And by doing this as an input-based program, our entire team now embraces these new ways of thinking and feel like it’s theirs.”

The Metrics Finder arms companies with new metrics, strategy enhancements, and a proof-of-concept data visualization in just 6-8 weeks non-intrusively — without ever having to access existing data sources or tech stacks.

The methodology is centered around design thinking principles, consensus-building exercises, and a future of measurement approach to help companies fortify their modern measurement approach and business strategy execution.

“We need to re-evaluate everything we thought we knew about measurement. This means not only reimaging our current approaches to measurement, but also re-thinking what we once thought to be immeasurable,” says SQA Group’s Head of Data Solutions Rob Ulmschneider. “Fortunately, there’s nothing we truly can’t measure. It’s just about measuring it the right way.”

“The Metrics Finder affords leaders and their teams the opportunity to take a step back and really think not only about what they are measuring, but what they are doing. What are the actions and behaviors that drive success and roll up to your strategic objectives?,” Ulmschneider adds. “It’s not just about finding great measures, though. By focusing on what’s truly ‘key’, we help companies find areas to shift strategy and tactics to better support their larger objectives.”

To learn more about the Metrics Finder, and how to gain your 360-degree view in this modern business ecosystem, click here.