A Rapidly Shifting Paradigm

The role of product visionaries, application owners, and software engineering leaders is shifting, impacted by changing consumer expectations, pressure for product lifecycle velocity and new feature releases, and a heightened focus on emerging technology.

Leaders responsible for quality — both in terms of functionality and user experience — must advance their practices quickly and effectively, while not sacrificing commitment and standards of excellence around pace of delivery and quality.

As you evaluate your application build and quality engineering practices, strategies around automation, Agile frameworks, shift-left and shift-right paradigms, and futuristic technologies, it begs the question…

How is success defined and what does “quality” mean in the context of your team or business model? And, how can you best prepare for the next paradigm of digitization and techno-advancements to compete and deliver an experience that wows every time?

How We Help

Whether you build software from the ground up, have a robust tech stack of COTS, or anything in between, we understand that the word “quality” has specific, nuanced meaning to you.

  • In business systems environments, quality is about maintaining your stack, 24×7 availability for users from any device anywhere, and managing enhancements that produce immediate value and provide capabilities for mission-critical activities.
  • In a software factory, it’s all about end user experience, scalable and nimble architecture/design, and the right methods/infrastructure and processes to deliver new features and code continually, with a speed to market quality engineering balance.

We partner with leaders to stand up quality and software engineering visions, define quality gates and best practices that fit business models, and instill a culture of agility and quality mindset.

For us, it’s always about building quality in — not bolting it on.

From Our Community

"SQA Group understands the software delivery lifecycle space and how to embrace both next-generation migration and change management at the same time. The team is thorough and has a special skill set when it comes to performance testing, CI/CD services and software automation."

David Berube, IT Executive

Areas of Expertise

Access to our Solutions team and on-demand resources in core areas like:

  • QE and test automation
  • Agile transformation
  • Digital delivery roadmaps
  • Build/Buy evaluations
  • Lifecycle velocity and automation
  • Project & program leadership
  • IoT and cloud
  • BI, AI, RPA
  • Data quality
  • Continuous integration/delivery

Immediate Impact

Tap our Project Consultants and On-Demand Experts to enjoy the following benefits:

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