A Rapidly Shifting Paradigm

The role of the tech leader is shifting fast, impacted by ever-changing consumer expectations, increased pressure to accelerate product lifecycle velocity, and a heightened focus on emerging technologies. Leaders of quality, in particular, must advance their practices quickly and effectively against the modernization curve, while not sacrificing commitment and standards of excellence around delivery, quality and velocity.

As you evaluate your practice, examining your strategies around automation, Agile frameworks, shift-left and shift-right paradigms, cloud, data science and futuristic technologies, it begs the question…

How can you fortify your impact today, while preparing your team for what comes next?

Services Overview

For more than two decades, we’ve partnered with leaders to advance velocity and quality in all phases of software delivery. Whether you’re looking to Shift Left to reduce manual efforts and bottlenecks, manage data and environments differently, automate strategically, or test with confidence, our Solutions team and on-demand resources give you lift immediately.

Our specialties, among others, include:

  • Automation Services: Become more automated, while keeping the lights on, by building frameworks optimized for your organization
  • Performance Engineering: Put in place capabilities to monitor and baseline performance across your tech stack, whether cloud-based or on prem
  • Test Services: Local, scalable teams, leaders and individual contributors for test management, manual test and automation
  • DevOps & CI/CD: Adopt a DevOps approach to deliver software faster through standard and flexible CI/CD reference architectures
  • Agile Transformation: Embrace efficient software development workflows via Agile enablement and implementation
  • Compliance & Validation Services: Manage change and deliver business value with quality, reliability and speed… all while maintaining continuous compliance

How We Help

Our custom and modern service delivery models allow you to tap our Project Consultants and On-Demand Experts to enjoy the following benefits:

From Our Clients

"Our software quality improved by over 20%, so there were less defects, rework and more effort towards developing new functionality for the business. This was a game changer!"

Dan Sheehan, Business and IT Executive


Access to our Solutions team and on-demand resources in core areas like:

  • Quality Engineering
  • Test Analysts
  • Performance Automation Engineers
  • SDETs
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Automation Frameworks & Solutions
  • Cloud Enabled Continuous Quality
  • Lifecycle Data Analytics
  • QE Maturity Roadmaps
  • POCs
  • Application Security Engineering

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