A Rapidly Shifting Paradigm

The role of the QE leader is shifting fast, impacted by ever-changing consumer expectations, increased pressure to accelerate product lifecycle velocity, and a heightened focus on emerging technologies. QE leaders must advance their practices quickly and effectively against the modernization curve, while not sacrificing commitment and standards of excellence around delivery, quality and velocity.

As you evaluate your QE practice, examining your strategies around automation, Agile frameworks, shift-left and shift-right paradigms, cloud, data science and futuristic technologies, it begs the question: in which QE paradigm are you in today? And more importantly, where do you need to be in the coming weeks and months?

QE 2.0 is Here; 3.0 is Coming

The era of QE 2.0 is here, characterized by Agile development, devops-driven continuous release and delivery of code, business resiliency, and near-real time feedback loops and analytics.

But 3.0 — the era of continuous everything — is right around the corner, driven by increasing pressure to deliver total experience, capitalize on emerging technologies and become truly data-driven.

For more than two decades, SQA Group has helped companies accelerate and modernize their QE practices by introducing a blend of futuristic technologies, proven frameworks, and process enhancements to drive quality and velocity into the software lifecycle. We help you fortify and maximize impact with the paradigm in which you are today, while never losing sight of where you need to head tomorrow.

Impact and Outcomes

Our Implementation and Advisory services enable you to take advantage of the latest technologies, frameworks and approaches to realize, among others, the following benefits:

From Our Clients

Our software quality improved by over 20%, so there were less defects, rework and more effort towards developing new functionality for the business. This was a game changer!

Dan Sheehan, Business and IT Executive

Services and Offerings

Our Implementation and Advisory Services include:

  • Acceleration Roadmaps
  • E2E Delivery Velocity
  • Disruptive Tech Integration
  • Agile and DevOps Enablement
  • Automation Frameworks & Solutions
  • Cloud Enabled Continuous Quality
  • Lifecycle Data Analytics
  • Next-Gen Testing
  • Test Data Engineering
  • Application Security Engineering

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