The Era of AI is Now

The future of leadership centers around embracing artificial intelligence and automation. In fact, 75% of C-suite executives believe if they don’t scale AI in the next five years, they risk going out of business entirely.

Leaders across all domains are driving AI adoption, from heads of tech to data to marketing to HR. Where should you start? How can you go faster if you’ve already begun? And how can you leverage AI to augment human ingenuity, not replace it?

AI is not a future technology. It’s here today, and already doing much of the heavy lifting within companies across the globe. It’s revolutionizing the customer experience. Augmenting customer service. Growing revenue and driving operational efficiency.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s making our teams superhuman. Freeing them from complicated workflows and manual toil so that they can focus on their most important work.

How We Help

Companies come to us when they are at one of two places in their AI journey:

  • The beginning, and they need to identify the best places to implement AI/ML to drive maximum ROI and impact
  • Along their way, and they need technical resources and expertise to build upon their proofs of concept

No matter where you fall, our technical team equips you with strategies, implementation support, and hyper-specialization to reach your next level of AI impact.

As your data partner, we ensure AI is applied to not just drive savings and fuel revenue opportunities, but to also revolutionize, improve, and strengthen customer and employee journeys.

From Our Clients

"SQA Group's AI team identified opportunities around chat bots and automation of sales communication to free up my team to be more strategic. The team has the experience in this space to help facilitate pricing execution and ROI analysis to help my drive it through my organization."

Senior Director Commercial Operations

Areas of Expertise

  • AI use case identification
  • Data science
  • Predictive analysis
  • Prototyping & PoC services
  • Customer segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Improving rev production
  • Predictive data intelligence
  • AI/ML training
  • Cultural adoption and readiness
  • Automated analysis delivery

Our Approach

To us, it’s not just about incorporating AI. It’s also about deploying AI practically, responsibly, and effectively. Our AI principles guide our work with you:

  • Data-Rich Targets: AI/ML works best with big data, so we give it a worthy, data-rich target so it can have maximum impact
  • Accountable: We ensure your algorithms are fair, just, transparent, and explainable
  • Human-First: AI is best used when serving a human world, not a machine world. We integrate AI at the points where humans and machines come together.
  • Attentive: It takes a village to “raise” AI/ML. We ensure your AI/ML is watched, taught, adjusted, and grows.


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