Data-Empowered Leadership

Today, everybody is a data leader... no matter the function you lead. Strategies need to be validated well before investments in human capital, technologies, and processes are made. Results and outcomes need to be quantified and ROI-centered. Day-to-day team actions need to be aligned to that which actually moves the needle.

At SQA Group, we partner with non-technical functions — Marketing, HR, Operations, Strategy — who want to emerge as pacesetters in all things advanced analytics, predictive intelligence, and AI/ML. The leaders who want to do the remarkable with data, stepping into their most impactful and intelligent leadership era.

Business leaders tap us to:

  • Unlock data monetization and ROI potential through advanced analysis
  • Implement and integrate AI/ML and automation solutions
  • Shape direction, investment, and decisions via predictive intelligence
  • Establish team- or org-wide KPIs and OKRs for today and tomorrow
  • Stand up their own data-powered departmental engines
  • Create always-on, self service business intelligence
  • Customize out-of-the-box reporting capabilities to dive deeper
  • Integrate disparate tech and tools stacks to derive ROI
  • Advance processes around data storage, collection, and access
  • Accelerate forward with data science and next-gen KPI-ing

By the Stats

"97% of business leaders want help from data — specifically to help them make better decisions, reduce risk, make faster decisions, make more money, and plan for the unexpected."


Partnering with functional leaders across:

Marketing & Communications

Move faster with automation, integrate AI/ML into your buyer journey, and create next-gen experiences. Leaders in Marketing + Communications come to us when they want to unlock dark data insights; emerge as profit centers; and tell stories of impact through data science.

Culture + HR

The modern workforce continues to introduce new pressures, from quiet quitting to ill-trained AI candidate screening processes to performance gaps. We partner with leaders of Culture + HR who want to fuel the Future of Work through advanced analytics and predictive intel.

Revenue Teams

We fuel the next era of go-to-market for rev leaders — turning raw data into predictive analytics, showing you exactly how to apply AI/ML to customer journeys, and automating whirlwind sales tasks, freeing your team to be more impactful. Dive deeper here.


Introducing products that stick; diversifying revenue streams; evaluating organizational risk… as a Strategy leader, all eyes are on you to show the way forward. We help Strategy teams tap into data science, AI/ML and emerging tech to power top initiatives.


Redefine what it means to be a high-performing, healthy organization by accelerating the role that digital transformation, advanced analytics, and emerging tech can play in safeguarding business vitality and enabling teams to become superhuman.

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