A Step Ahead

Emerging technologies — AI, machine learning, IoT, etc. — are here and already having immediate impact on creating world-class total experience, growing market share, increasing differentiation,  driving financial opportunities, and fueling efficiency gains. Conversations are increasingly shifting from should we leverage futuristic technologies to “how do we ensure we are not too late?”

From pinpointing the right time to adopt the latest technologies to identifying which make the most sense for your business to ensuring your team has the bandwidth and expertise to seamlessly deploy and integrate, you are likely exploring how to modernize and amplify your existing tech stack to have a direct impact on your organization’s vitality and impact.

Emerging Technologies Overview

Whether you’re well along the pathway of technology acceleration, ready to dip a toe, or somewhere in between, SQA Group helps you introduce disruptive, emerging technologies to catalyze meaningful change.

We know the market leaders, understand the value of their products, and work with you to:

  • Drive next-level customer, employee, and user experiences
  • Increase efficiency and reduce human error
  • Grow market share and brand vitality so you can leap frog your competitors
  • Identify which technologies best support your overarching departmental and organizational strategies

Impact and Outcomes

As we introduce emerging technologies and modernization to your ecosystem, you will be able to, among other things:

From Our Community

"SQA Group played a pivotal role in a digital transformation I led for a previous biotech firm. DevOps is always a big deal but when you are talking about validated equipment, it becomes even more complex. What we did together was revolutionary and it was exciting for SQA Group to be part of executing the vision."

Joel Nichols, VP Information Systems Quanterix


Specific expertise helping you leverage the following technologies and strategies:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence Acceleration
  • Machine Learning Solutions
  • Transformative Technology Adoption
  • Internet of Things
  • Automation Technology
  • Digitization
  • User Adoption
  • Future Technology
  • Intelligent Automation

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