An Accelerating Paradigm

The role of the QE leader is continuously shifting, fueled by pressure to accelerate product lifecycle velocity, initiate or extend automation capabilities, navigate ever-expanding integration complexities, and become a truly data-driven function.

We have moved beyond the eras of QE 0.0 and 1.0, and are well into QE 2.0 — characterized by Agile, DevOps-driven continuous release and delivery of code, business resiliency, and near-real-time feedback loops and analytics.

But all eyes are on QE 3.0, the era of continuous everything, which is already here.

We partner with quality leaders across the globe, meeting them wherever they are in their journey, whether it’s transformation or handling everyday testing, ensuring they are continually advancing their teams forward towards the era of 3.0.

Helping You Advance to 3.0

As your quality partner, we ensure you are maximizing impact today, while preparing for where you need to head tomorrow. Our Consultants and project teams help you drive progress across 5 core areas:

  • Product Development Velocity: We help you drive continuous improvement, build smart automation, and increase velocity. Ensuring you’re actively thinking about continuous testing, build and release, and development, all while influencing quality of product and process.
  • Product Quality: We help you build quality in, rather than bolt it on… while always incorporating user input throughout the lifecycle.
  • Emerging Technologies: The era of connected everything, redefined networks, robotics, and AI systems is here. We help you incorporate the latest technologies so you can move faster.
  • Data-driven Imperative: Looking to elevate the role of data? Tap into AI-based modeling and automated algorithms? We help you leverage data to derive a new level of lifecycle insight.
  • Organizational Relevance: Does QE have an equal seat at the table in your firm? As you advance your team towards the 3.0 era, we ensure you’re best positioned to be viewed as a business driver.

QE 3.0... The Impact

The QE 3.0 paradigm will bring immediate opportunity by enabling quality teams to…

From Our Team

"QE 2.0 represents our most influential era to date. We are impacting things like go-to-market, product differentiation, and revenue impact in a more profound way. But as leaders, we can’t get too comfortable in 2.0, because 3.0 is coming around the corner... FAST.”

Walter McAdams, Chief Engineer

Services at a Glance

Helping you drive velocity, digital acceleration, and QE modernization across our services landscape:

  • Quality Engineering
  • Consultants-as-a-Service
  • Agile Development
  • DevOps Services
  • Software Delivery
  • Modernization Roadmaps
  • Automation Frameworks & Solutions
  • E2E Delivery Velocity
  • Disruptive Tech Integration
  • Business Process Optimization

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