Providence, R.I.  – The era of innovation is here, with companies revolutionizing their approach to service offerings, customer experience, workplace culture, ethical data use, and social impact, among other things. As the pace to modernize quickens, SQA Group has expanded its service offerings to help companies leverage data as a powerful asset in quantifying, validating, and measuring the impact of their most important initiatives.

Since 1999, SQA Group has helped companies engineer quality as a competitive differentiator. Now, the tech and advisory services firm is helping leaders unearth one of their next biggest dormant differentiators — data. From helping companies set up their data ecosystems to embracing modern approaches to KPI and benchmarking to helping leaders leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, SQA Group is ensuring that companies fuel and validate with data at the core.

“The future of business will unequivocally be shaped by our ability to leverage data for good — from bettering our workplace cultures to driving next-level customer experiences to successfully bridging human ingenuity with technological innovation,” says SQA Group’s CEO Rob Lanza says, “In expanding our data and advanced analytics practice, we are excited to help companies tackle some of their most meaningful pursuits through the eyes, validation and influence of data.”

SQA Group’s data service offerings include:

  • Data strategies and maturity
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Data science
  • Metrics Finder — proprietary offering helping leaders measure the previously immeasurable
  • Business intelligence services
  • Consultants and on-demand implementation services
  • Dashboarding, visualization, reporting

“Leaders of Impact are starting to take a stance and wanting to own their data journey — from unearthing insights that can forever change the shape of business to standing up progressive KPIs and OKRs,” says Carrie Majewski, SQA Group VP of Growth Strategy.  “These leaders know exactly where they want to head next, and also recognize that being data-empowered is key to driving next-level impact. We are so excited to spark these companies’ most important data initiatives, ensuring they’re using data, predictive intelligence, and advanced analytics to gain a true multi-dimensioned view of their organizations.”

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About SQA Group:

SQA Group is a tech and advisory services firm helping companies maximize two often dormant business differentiators — quality and data. We help both tech and business leaders see around corners, stand-up new capabilities, and elevate software quality and data as competitive advantages that help drive towards next.

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