Crunch Metric, January 18, 2021 – SQA Group’s SVP of Solutions Walter McAdams was recently featured in Crunch Metric’s “The Book of AI Trends 2021” as one of the top 100 experts lending AI predictions for the year. Experts provided insight on the application of artificial intelligence in 2021, the hurdles companies face when integrating AI, and suggestions on how to accelerate AI adoption.

“As we head into 2021, we can expect to see vast acceleration and improvement with how we handle contact tracing, particularly when it comes to super-spreader events. Contact tracers will investigate these events with handheld devices that are connected to super computers that will be able to model—on an expedited basis—who is at risk and possibly send real-time alerts to those impacted. Additionally, we will have the ability to apply mutation models to known diseases and develop counter measures before it mutates. Both of these AI applications can happen immediately,” predicts McAdams in the AI Trends report.

“We have a tendency to overestimate what an AI system can do when it’s first turned on and then we underestimate how much it can grow and change over time,” he adds. “Once an AI starts to demonstrate some reliability and real autonomy, it’s time to explore other, related uses where it can be applied. A classic example of this is IBM Watson, which started as a Jeopardy-playing demonstrator and is now driving myriad IBM solutions. The real scalability and cost effectiveness of AI comes into play when a mature system is turned loose on related but non-identical problems.”

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