CMSWire, March 15, 2021 – Our SVP of Solutions Delivery, Walter McAdams, was recently interviewed by CMSWire, a leading, native digital publication, for a larger story called, “Drowning in Data: Is Your Data Strategy Helping or Hurting Your Brand?”

Here is a quick excerpt from the piece:

According to Walter McAdams, SVP of Solutions Delivery, brands need to structure a foundation in which their data strategy is business driven. In this way, it can provide insights and strategic guidance to the brand. The data must be trustworthy, reliable, accessible, and digestible to the software with which it will be used. “When creating a data-centric culture, you need to establish fundamental pieces: a data governance structure, clear understanding of ownership, unified data definitions, a mechanism for ensuring data quality, and methods for reporting, accessing and querying data that puts actionable information in the hands of stakeholders,” McAdams explained.

“If your foundational data structure is solid, you can’t overuse data and it reduces the possibility that you will misuse your data,” he said. “Instead, you can shift to turning data into actionable insights. Data serves as our compass: indicating what to do and where to head next.”

McAdams said that above all, brands should keep two things in mind: keep their data definitions up to date, and recognize that data quality never ends —i t goes on forever. “To get good data is essentially to get good data definitions that are endorsed by the stakeholders,” he said. “An operational data quality program can improve data ingestion and processing methods by monitoring how successfully they result in ‘good’ data in its rest state.”

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