Outcomes-Based Services

What it takes to drive effective tech leadership is evolving fast. From spearheading intentional org-wide AI/ML adoption to delivering WOW products that thrill end users to maximizing ROI from spend, tech leaders today are expected to accelerate innovation, without cutting corners, introducing risk, or sacrificing quality.

At SQA Group, we partner with technology executives who need to be among the trailblazers when it comes to tech vision, transformation, and workforce agility. Whether you lead digital transformation, innovation, technology, etc., we help you envision, implement, and optimize your most important pursuits, so that you can supercharge your leadership influence, while driving your organization forward to next.

Tech executives tap us to...

  • Redefine what it means to drive technical performance
  • Demystify, jump-start, and advance AI integration
  • Drive peak SDLC performance, without sacrificing quality
  • Unearth dark data insight to shape predictive strategies
  • Engineer superior digital products to leapfrog competitors
  • Integrate automation to make teams superhuman
  • Establish and drive data strategy and management practices
  • Provide core and strategic project and program leadership
  • Connect digital transformation efforts to ROI
  • Measure what’s previously felt immeasurable

By the Stats

"Of more than 2,800 business and technology leaders around the world, 62% reported that they feel excitement about gen AI — the only question is how quickly it will transform their organizations and industries."


Clients tap us to help them with:

Superior Product Delivery

What it takes to deliver superior products has evolved. Tap us to build and scale digital products that wow, while ensuring quality is built in. For us, it’s about creating “sticky” products that have a direct impact on shaping organizational vitality; learn more here.

AI Done Right

Generative AI, MLOps, automation… the business is being increasingly enamored by the potential that comes from these “shiny new objects.”We help you jump-start and accelerate AI efforts, maximize its ROI, and generate org-wide buy-in while demystifying fear.

Data Strategy & Management

Every team is a data team, and every leader is a data leader. Stand up a whole-of-organization approach to data excellence, from setting bold data vision to mapping data projects to ROI potential to fortifying AI/ML impact. Dive in our data leadership pillars here.

Modern Workforce Scaling

Balancing new capability acceleration with core 911s? Need to drive forth efforts that fall outside your team’s skill-sets? Scale expediently via access to hyper-specialized Consultants and strike teams that span the entire SDLC, data, and digital transformation landscapes. Dive in here.

KPIs of the Future

Ready to measure what’s felt immeasurable? AI readiness, product stickiness, net-zero techincal debt, etc. We partner with tech executives who are ready to redefine success and introduce Future of Work KPIs via our Metrics Finder offering. Measure what’s needed, not what’s easy.

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Outcomes-Based Services

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